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Services to our Suppliers

Given our technical and market knowledge and financial strength we can be seen by our Suppliers as a bolt on sales and marketing team offering a financially risk free service! Most of our Suppliers ultimately agree to be represented by us on an exclusive basis.

  • Full marketing support
    With in depth knowledge of markets, Buyers and their requirements, NHG Timber can represent Suppliers to promote a variety of products to a variety of markets.
  • Guaranteed and fast payment
    NHG Timber guarantees to pay promptly without fail. Given our del Credere status, if for any reason the Buyer defaults, it is NHG Timber that bears the loss not the Supplier.
  • Open mind to promote new products
    We take an open minded approach to the promotion of new products, which is highly valued and appreciated by our Suppliers.
  • Rapid, professional and fair resolution of problems
    NHG Timber will represent the Supplier in any claim and will resolve problems without fuss. No dispute that the company has been involved in has ever had to be settled by resorting to outside arbitration.
  • Continuity of business
    Constantly widening and deepening our customer base we offer our Suppliers continuity of business which serves to further deepen our relationship with our Suppliers.

Working with NHG Timber is Working in Partnership