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Working with our Buyers

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Services to our Buyers

Using our expertise and knowledge we here at NHG Timber offer a range of to ensure that our Buyers receive only the right quantity, grade and quality of timber they require at competitive prices.

  • Monitoring of supply directly at the source
    Secure in the knowledge that sources of supply are regularly monitored, shipments are guaranteed to be consistently the correct quality.
  • Flexible payment options on demand
    Our flexible payment terms are appealing to our Buyers and our sales administration team ensures that timber imports are trouble-free with clearly defined contracts and accurate documentation.
  • Reliable Shipment
    We maintain close working relationships with our Suppliers to ensure shipments meet Buyers’ expectations arriving at the right place at the right time.
  • Deliveries to suit Buyers’ stock needs
    We aim to offer deliveries to suit Buyers’ needs, including Just-In-Time, which reduces the stock holding time of our Buyers and as a result minimises the associated costs.
  • Continuity of supply
    Our main service to our Buyers is the continuity of supply. We continue to expand our trading links and develop exciting new source areas helping to increase the breadth of our product range.

Working with NHG Timber is Working in Partnership