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Hardwood Lumber

NHG Timber specialises in hardwood lumber in both standard and fixed dimensions, marketing the full range of temperate and tropical species from the four corners of the globe. We have not only traded in the better known species but have promoted and developed new species, grades and specifications, to the benefit of both Buyers and Suppliers. Years of experience means our technical and trade knowledge gives us the edge in providing a service that is unparalleled in the industry.

Softwood Lumber

Specialising in Clear Grade Lumber from North America, NHG Timber has markets in Europe and the Middle East for these products. Products include Western Red Cedar for cladding, Douglas Fir for joinery and in large sections for construction and Hemlock for door manufacturing. Europe also supplies Douglas Fir and specialised long length, large section Whitewood.


Historically tropical plywood has been supplied from South East Asia and Brazil, but other supply areas are in the ascendancy and have been added to NHG Timber’s portfolio. NHG Timber has with notable success pioneered quality plywood manufactured in Africa, which stands up fully alongside other productions. From China we also receive rotary as well as plywood from reliable sources.


So popular now that it is available in a wide range of species, hardwood decking can be sourced from South America, the Far East and Africa. In a range of profiles to suit Buyers’ requirements, we are also able to source material that has environmental certification.

Semi-finished products

As Suppliers wish to add more value to their products we have become more involved in promoting dimension parts, for example squares and cut-to-size blanks, mouldings and laminated sections. The Far East, Europe and North America have been more advanced in developing these products but increasingly Africa is converting more of its huge in this way.


Solid flooring has been in recent years a major user of hardwood. American, Chinese, European and Far Eastern Suppliers provide the full breadth of temperate and tropical species to suit all tastes and styles to this dynamic and sometimes fickle market.


Whilst always keen to support Suppliers in value from the forest by marketing processed products, there remains a demand in some markets for logs. Where it is practical to offer, we can supply from Africa, Europe and North America to those Buyers wishing to control their own yields.