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North America

Hardwood and softwood products

Also Available

  • Aspen
  • Basswood
  • Beech
  • Douglas Fir
  • Hackberry
  • Hemlock
  • Sapgum
  • Southern Yellow Pine
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Yellow Birch
  • Yellow Poplar

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North America is an important source area for NHG Timber for both hardwood and softwood products.

We are able to source hardwood from Canada to Alabama, covering the full range and diversity of species from this continent. Matching the best products with the best mills we can supply amongst others Canadian Maple, Pennsylvanian Cherry and Appalachian Oak. The Pacific Coast provides us with high grade clear softwoods as well as constructional grades.

NHG Timber fulfils an important service to the Buyer locating an appropriate source of supply and to the Supplier in finding the right customer to suit his production capabilities.

Available species

White Oak

White Oak is a very popular timber used extensively for flooring and joinery.

Durability: Durable
Density: 750 kg/m
Workability: Nails, screws and glues well.
Uses: Flooring, Furniture, Joinery

White Ash

White Ash is a good, well priced, general purpose timber used in shopfitting.

Durability: Non Durable
Density: 670 kg/m
Workability: Good all round workability
Uses: Tool handles, Trim, Interior joinery

Red Oak

Red Oak is an abundant yet underutilised general purpose timber capable of producing attractive joinery and flooring.

Durability: Non Durable
Density: 690 kg/m
Workability: Nails, screws and glues well. Superior to White Oak
Uses: Flooring, Furniture, Interior joinery


Cherry is a highly attractive timber used for kitchen cabinets and furniture.

Durability: Moderately Durable
Density: 580 kg/m
Workability: Sands well to give a beautiful lustrous finish
Uses: Furniture, Cabinet making, High class joinery


Increasing in popularity, Walnut is a fine quality timber giving a warm dark finish.

Durability: Durable
Density: 660 kg/m
Workability: Care required to finish but stable
Uses: Furniture, Cabinets

Hard Maple

The best timber of choice for flooring and kitchen cabinets, Hard Maple brings a light airy feel to any room.

Durability: Non Durable
Density: 740 kg/m
Workability: Good finish but hard on tooling
Uses: Flooring, Furniture, Sports goods

Soft Maple

Softer than Hard Maple, Soft Maple is particularly useful for furniture which has a stained finish.

Durability: Non Durable
Density: 550 kg/m (Density can vary by 20% or more)
Workability: Excellent staining properties
Uses: Furniture, Turnery, Interior joinery