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NHG Timber's increasing involvement in the Far East ensures supplies of a wide variety of products and species.

Predominantly exporters of raw lumber, Malaysia provides square edged lumber, mouldings, surfaced material and decking, for which there is considerable demand.

NHG Timber is becoming a two-way partner with China. Both selling and buying in this part of the world has meant that we have been able to develop strong relationships with our Suppliers, which in turn has secured reliable and quality products to our customer base.

Available species

Dark Red Meranti

Dark Red Meranti is a reddish-brown colour and has an interlocking grain; it is very durable and suitable for all sorts of joinery and external cladding.

Durability: Durable
Density: 710 kg/m
Workability: Easy to work
Uses: Cladding, Exterior joinery, Interior joinery

Yellow Balau

Yellow Balau has a yellowish-brown colour and an interlocking grain; it is commonly used for decking and structural work due to its suitability to adverse conditions.

Durability: Durable
Density: 980 kg/m (Density can vary by 20 % or more)
Workability: Hard and ready to work
Uses: Heavy structural work, Bridge construction, Sleepers, Flooring, Boat framing


Nyatoh has a red to brown colour and an interlocking grain with a moderately fine and even texture. It is commonly used for furniture, construction, high class joinery, veneers and plywood.

Durability: Moderately Durable
Density: 720 kg/m (Density can vary by 20 % or more)
Workability: Good working properties
Uses: Furniture, Cabinet making, Doors, High class joinery


There is no difference in colour between the heartwood and the sapwood which is creamy white. The grain is straight with a fine and even texture, its uses are pattern, making, drawing boards and carving.

Durability: Non Durable
Density: 470 kg/m (Density can vary by 20 % or more)
Workability: Extremely stable and easy to use
Uses: Pattern making, drawing boards, carving


The best timber available for use in the boat building industry due to its durability and stability.

Durability: Very Durable
Density: 660 kg/m
Workability: Works fairly easily, nails and screws fairly well and glues satisfactorily.
Uses: Shipbuilding, Decking, Furniture, Cabinet making, Plywood.