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  • Cherry
  • Chestnut
  • Douglas Fir
  • Lime (European Basswood)
  • Sycamore
  • Walnut

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Consistency, quality, and prompt availability are assured when buying from Europe. As well as traditional and important markets like France and Germany, NHG Timber is now sourcing from new Eastern European producers developing new supplier relationships and further increasing product availability. NHG Timber is able to offer its primary species, Oak, Beech and Ash in a variety of forms as well as sourcing other species such as Walnut, Sycamore and Cherry.

Our knowledgeable staff aim to supply a fully tailored service where possible and the willingness of NHG Timber's Suppliers means that they are continually prepared to look at individual Buyer's requirements.

Available species

European Oak

European Oak is a very attractive durable timber with a yellowish-brown colour, it has a variety of uses but is commonly used for joinery and flooring.

Durability: Durable
Density: 720 kg/m³ (Density can vary by 20% or more)
Workability: Easy to work with. Nails and screws easily. Smooth finish
Uses: Heavy structural use, Exterior joinery, Furniture, Flooring

European Beech

European Beech is a reddish brown joinery timber, has some durability and is commonly used for interior joinery.

Durability: Non Durable
Density: 720 kg/m
Workability: Works fairly easily. Glues, stains and polishes well
Uses: Furniture, Interior joinery, Flooring

European Ash

European Ash is a straight grained whitish to pale brown hardwood, it is commonly used in sports equipment and striking tool handles.

Durability: Non Durable
Density: 710 kg/m (Density can vary by 20% or more)
Workability: Machines well leaving a smooth finish. Glues well
Uses: Furniture, Interior joinery, Flooring