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NHG and the environment

Trading in hardwoods is a sensitive issue. We often see in the images of forest destruction particularly in the tropics, with timber companies cast as the main culprits. One thing that is certain is that the environment in general and forest ecosystems in particular are very complex, and proper debate can only suffer by their over simplification. We at NHG are very conscious of the need to support the efforts of our Shippers to operate under the principles of sound forest management, and to temper the more exaggerated claims of the critics of our industry.

NHG Timber Ltd is a and firm supporter of the UK Timber Trade Federation which commits members to responsibly source their timber requirements and monitor their suppliers environmental performance. We agree with the TTF's policy of not endorsing or supporting any one certification label in particular, but encouraging a freedom of choice for our customers and the consumer. Where our shippers have certified timber we will offer it, but will always encourage our customers to pay a premium for the privilege.

We do try to answer environmental questions and promptly, and will openly respond to criticism, where appropriate, but our main goal is always to promote understanding of the facts. We believe that there have been great developments in forest management worldwide, both in knowledge and application, and our shippers are always encouraged by us to modify their procedures to take this into account.

One thing is for sure, it is only a strong forestry industry operating with sound forest management (however certified or verified) that will endow the forests with sufficient economic value to them for the future.  

As a company we support several initiatives that encourage sound forestry management, including the Tropical Forest Foundation www.tropicalforestfoundation.org an organisation responsible forest management in Africa, South America and South East Asia, and Woodland Heritage www.woodlandheritage.org.uk a U.K. based body concerned with the welfare of our hardwood forests.

Tropical Forest Foundation

Tropical Forest Foundation

Woodland Heritage

Woodland Heritage