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NHG Timber Ltd has FSC, PEFC and OLB certification

Please use the following links to download our FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody certificates.

FSC Chain of Custody certificate Download FSC Chain of Custody certificate
PEFC Chain of Custody certificateDownload PEFC Chain of Custody certificate
NEPCon Generic CoC Standard certificateNEPCon Generic CoC Standard certificate

We are able to supply the following certified species/products, subject to availability:

West Africa:
  • FSC certified Sapele
  • FSC certified Ayous
  • FSC certified Iroko
  • FSC certified Sipo
  • FSC certified Okoume

The above species can also be offered with OLB verification.

  • FSC certified White Oak Lumber
  • FSC certified White Oak Strips
  • FSC certified White Oak Laminated Scantlings
  • FSC certified Walnut Laminated Scantlings
  • FSC certified Douglas Fir
  • PEFC certified Douglas Fir
  • PEFC certified Western Red Cedar
  • PEFC certified Hemlock

  • FSC certified Hard Maple
  • FSC certified White Ash
  • FSC certified Red Oak
  • FSC certified Cherry
  • FSC certified Yellow Birch

South America:
  • FSC certified Cumaru Lumber
  • FSC certified Cumaru Decking

  • FSC & PEFC certified Oak
  • FSC & PEFC certified Ash
  • FSC & PEFC certified Beech
  • FSC certified Oak Laminated Scantlings

  • MTCS Meranti Lumber
  • MTCS Meranti Mouldings
  • MTCS Meranti Laminated Scantlings

  • FSC certified Meranti Mouldings
  • FSC certified Yellow Balau Decking

Other species are available on request.