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West African hardwoods

Also available

  • Afrormosia
  • Agba
  • Aningre
  • Azobe
  • Bubinga
  • Cedar
  • Celtis
  • Denya
  • Guarea
  • Hyedua
  • Kotibe
  • Koto
  • Kusia
  • Makore
  • Movingui
  • Niangon
  • Padouk
  • Tali
  • Teak
  • Tiama
  • Walnut
  • Wenge

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West African hardwoods remain at the heart of NHG Timbers global trading. With over 30 years of trading in this region, NHG Timber has built up the expertise and knowledge to deal with the diversity of challenges this continent has to offer.

Our relationships with Suppliers, forged through years of trading and regular visits, enable NHG Timber to keep abreast of production capabilities as well as our ever-diversifying market needs.

Our Supplier portfolio continues to strengthen, enabling us to supply a range of products from logs to lumber to finished products and panels. Converting the interests of our Suppliers to the advantage of our Buyers is the feature of our success.

Available species


Sapele is a moderately durable medium to fairly dark reddish-brown hardwood. It has a variety of uses including flooring and furniture.

Durability: Moderately Durable
Density: 640 kg/m
Workability: Easy to work with. Nails and screws easily. Smooth finish
Uses: Furniture, Flooring, Joinery

African Mahogany

Costing less than other mahoganies, African Mahogany is a light to deep-brown moderately durable timber. It glues, nails and screws well, being suitable for furniture and boat building.

Durability: Moderately Durable
Density: 530 kg/m
Workability: Easy to work with. Works well with nails, screws and glue
Uses: Furniture, Panelling, Flooring


Sipo is a durable hardwood, reddish-brown in colour. Capable of producing a good finish it is commonly used for furniture and interior/exterior joinery.

Durability: Durable
Density: 660 kg/m
Workability: Glues with ease. Stains and polishes well.
Uses: Furniture, Cabinets, Joinery


Known for its high level of durability Iroko is light-yellow to brown in colour and versatile in its uses being suitable for furniture, doors, flooring and bench tops.

Durability: Very Durable
Density: 660 kg/m
Workability: Works well with screws, nails and glue
Uses: Ship and boat building, Interior and Exterior joinery, Furniture, Sills


A durable pale yellowish-brown hardwood with good working properties. It is suitable for furniture and interior/exterior joinery.

Durability: Moderately durable
Density: 560 kg/m (Density can vary by 20 % or more)
Workability: Works reasonably well with screws and nails. Works well with glue.
Uses: Joinery and Door frames


Kosipo is dark reddish-brown in colour with moderate durability. It has a rather coarse texture and is commonly used for high class carpentry and naval construction.

Durability: Moderately Durable
Density: 640 kg/m
Workability: Works fairly readily. Stains and polishes well.
Uses: Joinery


Ayous is a non-durable hardwood with a pale straw colour. It is suitable for mouldings and furniture capable of producing an excellent finish.

Durability: Non Durable
Density: 390 kg/m
Workability: Very easy to work with. Holds nails and screws well. Glues well. Capable of high grade finish
Uses: Interior joinery, Core stock for plywood, Furniture, Mouldings


Okoume is slightly durable with a medium pinkish-brown colour. It has a slightly interlocking grain and a medium texture. It is often used for interior joinery and furniture.

Durability: Slightly Durable
Density: 430 kg/m
Workability: Works fairly well with the majority of hand and machine tools.
Uses: Plywood, Blockboard, Laminboard, Flush doors, Panelling, Cabinet work


Dabema is a moderately durable hardwood, light to golden-brown in colour. It takes a good finish and may be screwed and nailed. Its common uses include flooring and bridges.

Durability: Moderately Durable
Density: 560-710 kg/m
Workability: Works fairly well. May be screwed and nailed. Capable of producing a good finish
Uses: Heavy construction, Bridges, Flooring