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Successfully trading for over 30 years

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The Company

NHG Timber Ltd. has now been trading for over 30 years having been founded by Nick Goodwin who has spent his entire working life in the timber trade. The family run business has continued to grow, developing new source areas and widening its product portfolio, and is presently trading with over sixty-five countries and offering a wide range of products.

The company prides itself on the knowledge and dedication of its team as well as its strong working relationships with its Suppliers, all helping to provide a first class service to our Buyers.

del Credere

NHG Timber Ltd. is a del Credere Agency, acting on behalf of selected Suppliers. This means that NHG Timber will guarantee the payment of the debt if the buyer fails to do so when it becomes due. This benefits the Supplier by transferring the credit risk in trading to NHG Timber.